Sunday Funday in the Bluebell Forest | The Cloudfoot Diaries #22

The first multiple slackline session for a long time, set deep in the Surrey woodlands, amongst carpets patches of freshly bloomed bluebells. We were even graced by the appearance of a deer running full whack, right past us in broad daylight.

We had 3 lines up; a 40m+, 10m and 8m.

Felt great to re-visit some tricklining skills that have been locked away for the winter, sessioning big airs on the 40m longline, and throwing Street Fighter dismounts that seemed to float you through the air forever. It was great to share some techniques with the boys, including sit-starts on the super-loose nylon line, and the art of keeping your shit together when it all starts to wobble.

I helped my friend Dave by cueing him to ‘breathe into his feet’, allowing him to set his weight downwards and trust that the line will hold him.

Check the video below to see just how hard it was to even stand on that tubular line, followed by some quick progression and some spicy backflips.

A Sunday Funday indeed!

Mega Easter Rig | The Cloudfoot Diaries #20

This Easter weekend was the perfect opportunity to get out in to the forest and send the biggest tree line we could find: 40m long and over 16m high.

The rig took over 8 hours, and was an absolute ordeal, according to Tankard. It was his second, and last, solo rigging effort. Fortunately, I was able to casually turn up after teaching a slackline lesson in the morning, put my harness on and have a play.

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The Psychology of Walking a Highline with a Swami Belt | The Cloudfoot Diaries #19

This video showcases footage from my first attempts at walking a highline in a swami belt – exchanging the comfort and safety of a regular climbing harness, for a mere sling tied around my waist.
We go into the psychology of the whole process, and touch on rad subjects like pre-send ritual, how to use eccentricity to your advantage and the details of falling at height.

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Yoga + Progress = Yogress | The Cloudfoot Diaries #18

I recently discovered a hack for pressing into the handstand position from the Crow – push the knees right up the triceps, almost in the armpits. This has the effect of raising the hips high enough so the leverage needed to press is less. However, completing the Crow with straight arms plus keeping the knees so high, is something my wrists need to become accustomed to. Lots of mobility needed!

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Highline under Full Moon | The Cloudfoot Diaries #17

This weekend was spent deep in a pocket of woodland so remote, the closest beings around were galloping beasts, the pine-lined paths of the forest lit only by the full moon.
This Sunday Funday saw a rig and send of another fat treeline, sitting way larger than our efforts last weekend.
Here’s a little video showcasing our escapades, including; tying the leash to my ankle, testing the rig with whippers and crushing balls in harnesses whilst hanging upside down…

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Handstand Training for the weak-wristed | The Cloudfoot Diaries #16

Handstand practice continues. Discovered something for those of you whose wrists don’t bend quite as far as you want them to right now, yet you still want to train hand balancing.
The trick is to allow your fingers to hang off the edge of something, rather than balancing on the floor try using a wide piece of wood, or in this case, a plyo-box.

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What is a Drill? And how can I make my own?| The Cloudfoot Diaries #15

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training continues through this week, remaining as my cardio method of choice. This morning we trained the first technique from this video, first in a drill scenario, then during ‘live’ conditions, where I tried it and it really worked!

It’s important to isolate a skill from its context when you are trying to learn it thoroughly.
“A drill, we agreed, is practicing a skill you’ve learned in a setting that replicates a particular section of the game.”
This quote comes from an interesting article I read this week entitled ‘How We Build Drills‘ taken from Daniel Coyle’s (Author of The Talent Code) twitter feed.

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Slackline Workshops Monthly @ Boulder Brighton | The Cloudfoot Diaries #14


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I’ve taken 6 slackline workshops at Boulder Brighton so far, each one different and each one yielding immediate improvements for a fair few of the participant slackliners. This Saturday 12th April, will be lucky number 7 and I’m going to be … Continue reading