The Van Life with Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold | The Cloudfoot Diaries #32

Take a tour with crazy free solo climber Alex Honnold, as he shows us his pimped out tranny van that he lives in when he’s on the road climbing super high shit.
I think it’s time I gave my van a bit of a makeover myself…

The video was made by GoalZero – a company specialising in portable power units in the form of batteries and solar panels. I was given a small GZ solar panel last year, but to be honest, using it in both European sunshine (high grade) and UK rays (low grade) was an absolute waste of time! Looks like they might have stepped up their game if they’ve got Honnold on board.

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Parallette Progress : Headstand to Handstand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #31

With a healing, yet still rather obese finger, one must get creative within the realms of hand balancing. I still can’t quite flatten my hand to perform handstands on the floor. Instead, the method of using a handle like the parallette is far kinder towards my alignment.

Today, inspired by attempt videos from Miss MindMuscleYoga herself, I thought I’d play around and explore the movements that take place when transitioning from headstand to handstand, and how much the legs are involved. Try it, it’s great fun when you stick it!

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Over 10,000 views in 2 days| The Cloudfoot Diaries #30

Since posting my training results from following the Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One programme for 8 weeks, my website traffic spiked to thousands of views instead of hundreds…Why?


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8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results

It’s official. 8 weeks of training with no weights, has come to an end.

I have only used my bodyweight to challenge my strength, following some very well thought-out progressions and programming from head coach Christopher Sommer, over at Gymnastic Bodies, (GB).

I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get you physically prepared for the 7 key positions found in gymnastics;

Front Lever

Straddle Planche

Hollow Back Press

Rope Climb


Single Leg Squat

Side Lever


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When and How to quit drinking coffee | The Cloudfoot Diaries #29

When is it time to quit drinking coffee?
I don’t care what anyone says, I love downing a Columbian double shot of dark rocket fuel, almost too hot to hold in the cup and too strong to give to your elders. But when you’ve reached 4 cups a day of the stuff, and need 2 just to break even and get going in the morning? It’s time to examine what’s going on and act accordingly.

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Build Stronger Slackline Legs with this Squat variation | The Cloudfoot Diaries #28

Here’s a really useful exercise I’ve been working on this week as part of the gymnastics program I’m following.
It’s called a ‘Twisting Squat’ and requires some balancing skills to pull it off.

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Active Recovery Strategies for the Urban Nomad | The Cloudfoot Diaries #27

Today, the inevitable arrived.
Living in a van epitomises the ball-ache of laundry day – no running water, no where to store those smelly garments, and right now, no working vehicle to get to the launderette.

So what better way to incorporate some walking, sweating and to-do list ticking than pack my bag to the rafters and set out across town to get clean.


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Look Strong. Feel Weak. Photoshoot @ Locker 27 | The Cloudfoot Diaries #26

Let me dispel a myth for you. ALL those dudes you see on the covers of magazines, giving it the one two with their abacus abdominals, veins popping out like Rambo on a milk-run, are WEAK AS SHIT at the time of their shoots. They look strong, though, right?

If they’ve been following the unwritten, photo shoot protocol correctly, they will be almost completely depleted of glycogen. That means you get cold sweats, have jelly legs and go through pain when pumping the muscles pre-capture time. But hey, you looked ripped as shit, so why does it matter? Well, it matters because 90% of the retards that purchase publications like Men’s Health actually believe they will look something like the cover model, eventually. Except the cover model is probably juiced to the rafters on steroids, and has been captured on camera in a state that is not maintainable, long term.

All those guys have to cut before a shoot, that’s just the way it is. It’s a fascinating process, and I recommend you try it out and see the crazy results for yourself, but don’t confuse the results with long term effects; they are merely results of short-term manipulation on the top of years of training.

The fitness models you see advertising the protein supplements are usually bodybuilders, and personally I don’t think it’s all that hard to build an amazing looking body. Not nearly as difficult as building a strong, functional, balanced body. My training focuses on the later, the aesthetics are just an awesome bonus. But the illusion of visuals means you can’t actually tell how jacked or strong someone is just by looking at their muscular development.

For those of you who followed my early diaries, you would have read about the brutalities of water loading for this shoot, such as bloating and constipation. I averaged between 5 and 7 litres of water consumption a day.
It takes its toll on the body and I found it much harder than say for example, eating as much as I could each meal for a bulking result.

What I found interesting about this shoot is that I could only perform movements and holds that I had completely dialled. Because I felt so weak, there was no room for trying anything new. I knew I had about 45 minutes in the tank before I was going to pass out from depletion exhaustion, so that meant sticking everything I knew I could stick, within 5 attempts. The hardest thing to nail out of all the photos was the Shaolin Squat on the slackline, picture 5 below. That took more than 5 goes, and if you think someone who is cutting weight is grumpy, try someone who has cut weight and then can’t achieve what they’re aiming for.

Big thanks to Jack Daly for taking all the photos, and to Locker 27 for accommodating the shoot.

Planche Leans look easy… | The Cloudfoot Diaries #25


I’ve had the pleasure of incorporating the Planche Lean into my gymnastics training program recently – looks easy, but when you try it, you soon find the leverage to be really intense.
Today I managed 5 sets of 20 second holds, and could definitely feel the after burn in my elbow connective tissue and front delts.

Try them, they’re filthy!

How I dislocated, then relocated, my finger | The Cloudfoot Diaries #24

We just rigged a 90m longline setup, beautiful it was, the weather even tapered its April showeriness to our advantage, and still something had to go wrong.

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