1 simple strategy for repairing your injuries … FLEX | The Cloudfoot Diaries #36

Over the past few weeks, chatting to the various strength and conditioning heads walking through the doors at Locker 27, the topic of injury inevitably rears its ugly head.
What to do with one, how to avoid getting one, specific ideas for repairing one etc have all been whirling through my head.

Through my own experience, I would like to share one strategy I have found to work extremely well when it comes to repairing injuries… muscle control, a.k.a. the FLEX.

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A Busy Weekend Teaching the Art of Balance | The Cloudfoot Diaries #35

The 9th Boulder Brighton open slackline workshop was a great success this weekend, bringing in a whole range of new slackliners to the event to come and learn some new skills.

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Slackline Surf Walking – practice sessions and revelations | The Cloudfoot Diaries #34

Today, for the first time in ages, I had time to go and rig a slackline solo. It’s been months since the opportunity has arisen, and today I had one thing in mind; surf walking.

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Train like a Ninja, Eat like a Bodybuilder | The Cloudfoot Diaries #33

Today’s diary entry was inspired by a title of a video (posted below) called ‘Train Like a Linebacker, Eat like a Bodybuilder’. Except here in the UK, we don’t really have American Football culture, or give a shit about it.

The term Linebacker, however, refers to a position on the football field which requires speed, endurance, strength, agility, power, mobility and hostility. All attributes of the aspiring ninja, and factors that should be present in your own training programme if you want to get the most out of your body and mind.

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