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We're a London based digital analytics agency specialising in Google Analytics, advanced tracking via Google Tag Manager and PPC campaign management.

We help companies track visitor behaviour, understand their online performance, optimise digital marketing campaigns and improve the user experience. 

Advanced Google Analytics Audit

In addition to conducting a detailed review of the setup of your account we'll review historic web data, pro-actively identify potential problem areas, review your site structure and ensure your account is optimised to intelligently measure your digital marketing strategy.

We'll take into account best practice and also what's possible with Analytics to go on to deliver a series of recommendations that take into account your online objectives.

Standard Checks

Standard checks include:

  • the version of analytics you are using and whether an upgrade is appropriate
  • your tracking code implementation e.g. is the code present on all pages and has it been added correctly
  • whether you are using Google Tag Manager and if so has this been configured correctly
  • enhancements to the basic tracking code e.g. for demographic reporting, enhanced in page analytics or tracking across subdomains or other sites
  • integration with Google Adwords and Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster) and other tools if appropriate
  • how your marketing channels are captured in Analytics and whether you are using campaign tracking codes correctly
  • whether additional data segmentation is appropriate via additional "views" rather than the standard "All Web Site Data"
  • whether filters are required to exclude internal (in house) traffic, site monitoring tools or spam referrals
  • checking the configuration of internal site search in order to track what people search for on your site
  • identifying goals ensuring these have been setup correctly to capture key activities (e.g. contact form completions for a lead generation site)
  • setting up basic dashboards to summarise key information for your business in an easy to digest graphical format

Advanced Checks

  • advanced tracking options - from tweaks to the Analytics tracking snippet through to cross device tracking and more complex deployments using Google Tag Manager
  • campaign tracking - developing a framework to intelligently capture traffic generated by your marketing campaigns
  • channel definitions - to redefine the default channel groupings and multi-channel funnels reports
  • advanced filters - to either filter traffic or manipulate data
  • advanced event tracking - from file downloads and online video through to interactive media via Analytics events or virtual page views
  • goals & funnels - identifying goals and funnels to capture both macro conversions and micro level goals including the creation of "virtual page views" where necessary
  • custom dimensions and metrics - capturing additional data important to your business
  • dashboards - complex dashboards to report on key performance indicators
  • e-commerce - capturing e-Commerce transactions and enhanced e-Commerce reporting

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