A Busy Weekend Teaching the Art of Balance | The Cloudfoot Diaries #35

The 9th Boulder Brighton open slackline workshop was a great success this weekend, bringing in a whole range of new slackliners to the event to come and learn some new skills.


Most notably, at opposite ends of the age spectrum, were Dave; in his late forties, coming into the workshop with 2 or 3 steps under his belt and leaving with a good half-way mark send of the line, and Nick; 9 years old, who told me he has been trying it every Saturday for around the last 3 months. Slacklining really is suitable for all ages.

Nick was the highlight for me. He already had his walking techniques dialled, some drop knee trickery and some foot plants, too. So we pushed him along the learning curve, helping him to achieve reverse drop knees, double drop knees, turns, jumps, 180 jumps and lemur leaps! Gosh, what an upgrade!

Thanks to everyone that came down and took part, and to the awesome guys at Boulder Brighton for having me.
Stay tuned for the next workshop date in July to be announced!

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Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and explorer of movement and mind. You can check his social media if you want but you'd be better off going and doing something, instead.
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4 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend Teaching the Art of Balance | The Cloudfoot Diaries #35

  1. Hey Harry,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for a great session on Saturday at BB. Nick (11yrs old btw), really learnt a lot with your guidance. I’m sure he’ll be showing off his new skills the next time you’re back in Brighton.

    Keep us posted of any similar sessions in London, we are in town a couple of times a month.

    Thanks again,

    James (Nicholas’ dad)

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for getting in touch – ah, 11 years old! I thought he was a little too skilled for 9 🙂
      August 16th is a good date for your diaries if you’re in town – SlackLondon slackline festival on Clapham Common, free all day event for everyone!

      More than welcome, Nick’s got a real talent for movement, so please, please just keep him moving, whatever he’s in to!!

      Look forward to training with you guys again,

      All the best,

  2. Hey Harry,

    I was looking for a little advice on which slack line to buy for Nicholas to practice on.

    I was thinking of a Maverick 15 mtr or possibly 25 mtr line. Longer line might be better in the longer term I thought.

    Any advice? Best quality ratchet / line in your opinion?

    When are you back at Boulder Brighton by the way?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi James,

      You’re right, a 25m line is a better investment for Nicholas at the moment – he’ll outrun the 15m too quickly!

      In my opinion, the Elephant 25m Freak line is the best – best quality, best ratchet, best setup and will last him into learning tricks, too, not just walking. It’s more expensive, but you pay for quality and stuff not breaking/failing. I still have mine, in it’s 3rd year with no problems, and this is what I use to teach on.

      Not back at BB until September, as those guys have some renovation and building works going on, which means the slackline is out of order for a couple of months! So I guess keep on practicing or get his line asap so he can get out and practice outside!

      Cheers James,

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