Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and teacher for those committed to their own journeys of self-actualisation; people who want to harness their mental and physical potential.
He has a world-renowned blog, has featured in mulitiple television appearances and publications, and teaches both amateur and professional athletes.

Harry is a strength coach, teaching elements of gymnastics strength training, calisthenics and weightlifting, and conducting mobility assessments on a one-to-one basis that form mobility programmes for athletes to follow. He has modelled for Men’s Health magazine and performed stunts on global television, and even managed to heal his own debilitating back injury without surgery.

He also teaches Submission Grappling; a ground-fighting system that is comprised of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling (Freestyle / Greco-Roman) and Sombo. Studying Wing Chun under Kevin Chan as a teenager, and BJJ under Roger Gracie, Harry teaches professional stuntmen and women the realm of the ground and continues his own practice on a weekly basis.

Harry also teaches Slacklining; a balance sport that helps people of all ages to understand how to create mental and physical equilibrium. He has taught hundreds of folks all over the UK and Europe, continuing to teach in London when British weather permits.

Read what people have to say about Harry’s teaching in the Testimonials section.

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