Strength Coaching

“I have worked with Harry for a year now and I couldn’t be any happier with the results that have come into fruition. Harry’s attention to detail and eagerness to help has been quintessential in helping me to win the British University Championships and British Under 23s in Weightlifting. He has helped me by tailoring a programme to tackle my mobility issues that have been hindering my performance and as such I have enjoyed a big increase in both Olympic lifts. To anyone seeking to improve their performance, I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Harry.” – Tony Chea, Under 23 British Weightlifting Champion

“Seeing Harry was a necessity for me to further develop my mobility. His assessment was very thorough, highlighting weaknesses and areas of development. From this he was able to produce a personalized programme that after following only for 2 weeks has further developed my mobility. I would recommend Harry to anyone who is interested in developing their body either for everyday life or sporting performance.” – Richard Briggs, British Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion

“I had a mobility assessment with Harry in November 2015. I had pain in my hamstrings and shoulders from my intense daily training. Harry was very thorough and had prepared the session with my problems in mind. Everything was very professional and precise. After a couple of days I received a complete mobility programme with the excercises divided into Day 1 and Day 2, as well as photos and videos. This really helped because it made the “homework” much easier. I have found the programme very beneficial and I feel I have gained mobility. I can absolutely recommend Harry Cloudfoot.” – Mia Della Casa


Submission Grappling

“Harry is the first coach I’ve met that makes the complicated world of BJJ seem understandable. His teaching technique is calm and safe with an emphasis on understaning principles rather than just learning movements. It makes for a great workout mentally and physically. If you’re looking to learn from scratch or just sharpen up, Harry is your man. His enthusiasm for the sport makes him a pleasure to train with.” – Doug Robson, Professional Stunt Performer



“I had a fun and enjoyable session with Harry. His friendly, enthusiastic nature helped me to feel relaxed, safe and confident with the challenge that I was about to face!
What initially seemed impossible to me was made easy with his guidance and encouragement. The instructions that he gave were clear and methodical. He enabled me with the tools to go from being someone who’d never touched a slackline, to being able to stand on it in a controlled manner, with the ability to initiate a step.
After the session I felt confident enough to buy a slack line to practice on my own because of what he’d taught me. I’d definitely recommend him!” – Steve Reshat

“I wanted to organise something a bit different for my 30th Birthday and I’d had slacklining on my bucket list for a long time. I’d heard really good things about Harry so he was the obvious choice. Everyone had a great time and we were all raving about it over lunch. Harry is approachable, enthusiastic and best of all a great teacher. One word of warning though, his enthusiasm for slacklining is infectious! I’m already planning to buy a slackline and organising lesson number two!” – Lawrence Weller

“The slackline workshops I have had with Harry have been fantastic; he has taken me through getting on, standing and got me walking on the line in my first session. With his help and guidance I am learning to do more on the line and finding out about shows and events I can attend; and with his infectious enthusiasm I am looking into buying a slackline of my own!” – Patrick Summers

“Starting to learn any new skill can be intimidating, especially one like slacklining that combines physical ‘throw yourself at it’ confidence with serious concentration.  With his obvious personal enthusiasm for the sport and easygoing supportive manner, Harry Cloudfoot is a great instructor choice for beginners and improvers alike.” – Lisa Baker, Open Workshop Apprentice 

“We had so much fun in our slacklining lesson with Harry – lots of laughs, a proper workout and a surprising amount of progress in an hour! It was really enjoyable and fulfilling, and I was amazed that Harry had us both walking on the line by the end! I’d definitely recommend it, was one of the best things I’ve done in London!” – Natasha Wallace

“Our slacklining lesson with Harry was so much fun! I was impressed how quickly we came on …. from barely managing to get on the line, to walking unsupported along it, within the hour! Harry’s tuition was supportive, informative, patient & above all fun! We’re now totally addicted. Would thoroughly recommend! Thanks Harry!” – Chris and Tess Browne

“After hours of watching Youtube videos I was desperate to give it a shot. Harry quickly responded to my email and we arranged a time for a lesson. Harry is an amazing teacher, adapting the techniques to suit my level. He set achievable targets and helps you to constantly progress through the lesson. I am certainly hooked and cannot wait to try it again.” – Edward Danon, one of my fastest learning beginners, ever. 

“Harry is a great find; he’s amiable, supportive and knowledgable. He made the process of learning the basics of slacklining incredibly satisfying from the fun and effective warm-ups (zen wrestling worth trying on its own) to the steady progress towards taking a number of steady and controlled steps along the line. All this via a series of sensible exercises and drills to his selection of sweet tunes.” – Joe Gitter

“Harry not only has great skill on a slackline but also that rarer gift of being a great teacher. He is able to impart just the right amount of information without overloading you, and adapts his style to suit your pace and challenges. The two hours just flew by and I now have a set of good habits to practice. Thanks Harry for making learning such fun.” – Paul Highams

“Thoroughly enjoyed my slackline lesson with Harry, he is so encouraging and informative. It was awesome and strangely addictive” Sian Waters

“I had a really great lesson with Harry, with his knowledge and insight providing a real change in my thinking and approach. First, Harry helped correct my posture and helping me understand the use of my arms. We then tackled breathing and core engagement and then mounting from a sitting position. All this in an hour and great fun. Spend your money letting Harry help you, you will not regret it.”  Steve MacQueen 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 1-to-1 slacklining lesson. It’s something I really wanted to try, but wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to do it or not. Harry was fantastic, he made me feel totally at ease, and despite the fact that we were in Clapham Common, I didn’t feel uncomfortable or self-conscious at all. The lesson was well-structured, and by the end of the hour I was able to walk along the line, which was a vast improvement on how I had started out. All in all, a great experience. I will definitely be going again.” – Shauna, London

“I think a lot of slacklining’s benefits come from the meditative amount of focus required to achieve balance to stand on the line, and there are not many things kids can get into these days that require such prolonged focus and attention. Also the gratification is not instant but requires persistence and hard work. In much the same way learning a martial art (for example) increases confidence, ability to maintain concentration and greater self esteem as well as all the physical benefits, slacklining also offers a nicely integrated way to enhance the physical and emotional development of kids in a digital age” –
Maddy Andrews

“I enjoyed the slacklining very much because we went through things slowly and all together until we knew how to do things properly. I especially enjoyed the cool tricks we learnt at the end, as they were fun to practice”. – Cerys Highams

“You are very friendly and approachable which will help to make your future students feel comfortable and relaxed. This is basic stuff but so many instructors are not so well done.
As teacher you show passion, dedication and commitment to the sport which is great.
Balancing on the slackline was a very exhilarating experience. Slacklining gives walking a whole new dimension. I am totally hooked.” –
Thierry Giunta, Yoga teacher to celebrities, High achievers & Athletes.

“I was exploring the web site of Maverick Slacklines a few days ago when I realised that I am doing the whole thing wrong and that’s why I was kind of stuck and couldn’t achieve anything, but today I started again, working out some basics steps and stuff, trying to balance, stabilize, using my hands more etc. and it was a very good experience, I am feeling more secure in what I’m doing, I even tried to do some jumps…
At the end I want to thank you, because finding you and the things you are doing + the info you are posting and so on came like a motivational punch to me, which I definitely needed”
Monica, visitor from Bulgaria

“Yes, it was excellent!! Thanks! Looking forward slackin’ with you again!!” –
Max, visitor from Germany

“I thought slacklining with Harry was great because first he taught us some really good and fun balance warm-ups and also when we got on the line he supported us and gave us good tips and it was so much fun. I cant wait to start slacklining at home and it was a great introduction to the sport!” – Emma Highams

“I had a good time with you slacklining. Thank you for teaching me. Hope I can do it again with you one day :)” – Harley, 11 year old slacklining prodigy

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