Thinking about having a highline performance at your event?
How about a slackline workshop to better understand your mind and body?

Harry has a high level of experience relating to the slackline world, including performance, rigging safety and teaching.

  • TV appearances
  • Articles/Interviews
  • Customized highline/slackline performance at your event
  • Commercial appearance, advertisements, product promotion
  • Stunt Choreography
  • Public Speaking Events
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Rigging
  • Sponsorship

    Please contact Harry directly :
    (+44) 07783 590 581


  1. Hey Harry,
    how are you? Do you remember us? The Grapparoli’s?
    After the birth of our first daughter Emma, we turned back to Raparoli. We did have to!
    I say “our first daughter” cause we are still waiting for another baby in April! You would say”oh my God!” Me too!

    I write to you because i see you’re working hard with slack line!
    I’d like to ask you if you perform as slackline walker thruogh cities (like along the main square,…). You say highline?

    Can you give me some information about:
    -if you do it;
    -what should i have/ask.

    I really hope to see you soon. We have great memories about the time we spent together.

    A big hug!
    Luana, Marco, Emma, Bebè

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