Building your Will Power with the Daily Delay | The Cloudfoot Diaries #41

Today I had a day spare, rescued from the recent timely demand of having a job. I thought since I hadn’t written anything in a long time, I’d share with you a random thought and perhaps a more practical idea. if nothing else.

I have been thinking today about the process of delayed gratification, and what undergoing that process does to stimulate and build your sense of will power.
With everything becoming more available and more instant than this instance itself, my intuition declares that taking the opposite path is needed. One of control, one of slowness. One of aware, delayed gratification.

This thought stemmed from my belly rumbling and caffeine receptors whining before starting a session of Yoga. The clock read ‘not yet’ on the lunch time, and Locker 27’s illustrious new coffee machine was capable of filling whatever vacuum my tiredness and hunger had created.

The best part of this situation was that I was completely aware that this was happening to me. And within that awareness was a sense of wisdom, one that lamented ‘You know what the answer is. You’ve experience this feeling enough times to realise you can delay your food and delay your coffee‘.

And so I give you the Daily Delay. What senses have been ringing at you recently that you’re aware of? And are you able to put them off, deliberately, for a period of time?

Here’s the thing about Will Power; it doesn’t build when the Will Power reservoir is full. It doesn’t improve when you are comfortable. It takes a sense of discomfort and the application of working yourself through that discomfort, to grow.
First signs of hunger at 11am this morning could have been answered instantly. Choosing to delay of a couple more hours, however, adds a bit more metal to the mettle tank.

You’ll find, with awareness, that these opportunities to strengthen and build your Will Power crop up daily, as opportunities to manifest your will of your own accord.
It could be the act of delaying the breaking of your fast another hour or two.
It could also be something completely different, like holding your tongue, or leaving your wallet in its pocket.

When it comes to health, you probably already know the answer to whether you should eat that tempting morsel or not. Pay attention to that answer then see if you can wilfully act on it, right there in the moment.
For more on this idea of building your Will Power, check out Gurdjieff’s thoughts behind ‘Super-Efforts’.

Now, time for lunch.

Harry Cloudfoot is a slackline instructor, writer and explorer.
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Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and explorer of movement and mind. You can check his social media if you want but you'd be better off going and doing something, instead.
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