Protein Pancakes for Vanilla Gorillas | The Cloudfoot Diaries #13

I started last weekend off with some delicious protein-based, vanilla bacon pancakes. 80g + of protein!

  • Simply add two scoops of vanilla whey protein to 4 eggs in a bowl. Add a little milk, then fry in a pan in some coconut or natural oil.
  • As it cooks, add your chopped strips of crispy bacon. Trust me.
  • Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup, å lå :

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How to climb a rope…with rope | The Cloudfoot Diaries #10

So, down at Locker 27, I had the pleasure the try and climb some rope, using nothing but rope. Usually, for rigging and access purposes, I would use equipment such as a Gri-Gri, foot loop, hand-ascender etc…. but fortunately, Matt was on hand to show me the good ol’ tree surgeons’ way. Check it out

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