Eddie Cummings and his ghetto-chef formula for making weight | No Gi Reflections #9

I fucking love Eddie Cummings. Not only does he look like a serial killer but he has the work ethic of one, too. In the few interviews I have seen with him, he comes across as a gentle yet supremely intelligent sapien. As far as I know, his background is in the science world. He mentioned that he used to travel hours to training after working full days as a lab technician so he could pay his bills. These were the days before he turned pro.

Sacrifice: Eddie Cummings living the life of the dedicated professional athlete. Making weight for EBI 10 the bantamweight tournament. Nothing comes easy at world championship level and Mr Cummings shows his usual dedication to his craft here with meticulous preparation that began weeks ago and peaks tonight here in Mexico City. This ability to get the details right and stick to a disciplined and well thought out routine that trades current discomfort for future pleasure is the essential feature of every championship program. Here you can see the strain of a harsh weight cut. Mostly done now 😊 Tomorrow will be recovery followed by our contest preparation drills and then on stage. Looking forward to the change in venue and putting on a show for our Mexican audience. 😊😊

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It’s fantastic to see that his work ethic has not left him since crossing the threshold from hobbyist machine to full-blown limb reaper. Check out the image above. Sat on his hotel room balcony, no doubt with his mini-grill that he would have packed or picked up locally, cutting weight on a diet of lean meat. Not quite a private chef cooking up your macros in your marble and gold kitchen, is it? Eddie understands probably better than most the importance of, and appropriate way to approach sacrifice.

The image reminds me so much of how I used to live during my time in Thailand. My best friend and I shared an apartment that had no kitchen. We were forced to get creative with extension cables and cooked 90% of our meals with a sandwich toasting machine and an open-top electric kettle that acted as a broiler. We made some real feasts with absolute fuck all, just a bit of hunger and ingenuity. I lived like that, on £1 a day for the best part of 4 months straight. Hood times.

I love seeing a world-class athlete still doing things the Dirtbag way. Alex Honnold climbing the most mental rock faces, free solo, then retiring to sleep in his van. Dan Witchalls working a blue-collar roofing job during the day and jumping every single London skyscraper by night. Eddie Cummings with an evil genius I.Q., grilling meat on his hotel balcony to make weight in order to destroy the world’s best grapplers, one by one.

Inspiration at its unglamorous, anti-glitzy, finest.

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