Finding the balance point … in the palm of your hand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #4

The beauty of this new program that I’ve started – a gymnastic-based, bodyweight system – is that you have way less muscle-soreness (DOMS) in the days following the workouts.
That means Wednesdays, rest days, can be used for skill training. In this case, Handstands, with one of the coaches at Locker 27, Ben Lee.
Check this short clip out of our session :

We warmed up with some wrist mobility for about 5-10 minutes – vital to prep the wrist joint when getting into hand balancing territory. Then some shoulder dislocations to warm the shoulder joints.


From there, using the wall, back facing, really trying to pull the feet away – something I still find difficult. Then in to some freestanding handstands, and finally, attempting the straddle press with band assistance (hilarious).

I’m most used to balancing through signals delivered via my feet. Now, to complete the skill of balance with symmetry, it’s time to explore signals sent through the hands.

The video that inspired today’s session was taken from Gold Medal Bodies :

It’s interesting transferring skills from one medium to another.
I’ve been reading a lot about a guy who did just that; from world chess champion, to Tai Chi champion, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. If you have time to read his free chapter from his book, I recommend it. Here.

Finally, it was my pleasure to take a short Yoga flow session down at the Locker, just for a couple of key members including the owner and my boxing coach, Dan Fernandez.
We went through some basic Ashtanga Sun Salutation flows, thoracic mobility and breath control, followed by a stillness finisher for once; 10 deep breaths, as slow as possible from the shavasana position –

I think the lads found it beneficial as a re-energiser. Powerful what a second wind can do for your day…

I’ll leave you with this short yoga video for you to follow along with. And she’s hot.

Until tomorrow,

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