New Video for LIFT PERFORMANCE APPAREL Portraits feat. Harry Cloudfoot | Episode 1

At least 3 months of hard work, multiple site visits across the UK, and dropping a lot of verbiage in an intimate, #vanlife interview, led to this inspirational piece of footage.
Episode 1 of LIFT’s ‘Portraits’ series takes an in-depth look into why LIFT’s athletes do what they do. You can check the episode below.
Read on and find out more about how we created the video and why I’m so stoked with my involvement with LIFT.

I’ve associated myself with brands and companies before, but the relationships have never really lasted. And I know the reason. I’ve never really connected with their why,¬†their reasons for doing what they do.

Big brands have approached me with their marketing budgets, smaller brands with their free stash, all half-looking to see how I could benefit their company profile. And in fairness and my naiveté, I was looking to see what I could get out of the deals, too.
However, I was overlooking a key factor with all these attempted relations; the ‘WHY?’.
Why are they doing what they are doing, and why does that make me want to get involved? If they are about taking over the world and I’m about slip-streaming their empire and getting a load of free shit, it’s just not going to last. I wish it would. My wardrobe would contain far less holed items, but the reality is when you’re full of passion, if the people you work and partner with are not, the fuse can only burn for so long.

The reason I decided to partner with LIFT on the first episode of their Portraits series is simple. It is because I resonate with their Why as a brand and apparel company. And what is LIFT’s why? Well, it is Why itself. LIFT want to investigate why athletes do what they do, not just the what or the how.

Being an explorer involves asking the question ‘Why?‘ far more than how or what. My fundamental motive behind anything I do involves asking myself ‘Why am I doing this?‘.
I also see the world through a why pair of lenses – I want to investigate why things are the way they are, why people behave in a certain ways and achieve specific things.
So in that sense, it was a naturally progression to working with LIFT on this project.

The video concept started with an interview in my house on wheels, The Mothership. The regular British weather conditions applied; the pissing rain battering the roof interfering with the sound levels, slow streams of water working its way through various cracks interfering with one’s lounging options. Standard.
Fortunately, the production team and director had a list of very interesting questions that would spur me to blurb balls for a good couple of hours. And within that blurb they found enough sense and inspiration to expand the footage in to a full feature piece.

The whole project was about as honest as it could be, cameras following me through my irregular way of life, from training to slacklining, and van life in between. The guys had a concept they wanted to work with and that was enough. Some friends of mine had scouted a ridiculous location to shoot some longline action, I live opposite one of the best gym’s in the country and I have a brain that never seems to stop asking ‘Why?’ – all the ingredients were in place.


It’s always a little strange to watch yourself back on camera. Unless you’re using the footage for sports performance analysis, you can’t help but squint and frown at the various turns of phrase that end up making the final cut. I felt I came across a little serious on this edit, but then again, I’m talking about my findings from slacklining and healing a spinal injury. If anything, it’s a great piece of footage to remind me not to take myself too seriously.
And I hope those of you that watch it will also get something from it. I try to share as much of my findings as possible, fingers crossed there’s something in the video for you.

If anything, I’d like people to gain a sense of inspiration towards inquiring, exploring and giving something a go themselves, whatever it may be, it doesn’t have to be slacklining. One of the most valuable skills slacklining gave me was the self-belief to do whatever I put my mind to, offering me the framework to learn how.


This one of the smoothest and integrity-filled projects I’ve worked on, so I’m really excited to be collaborating with LIFT for future content and pushing the boundaries as to what is the norm.

You’ve had a look into my world and why I do what I do, be sure to check out LIFT’s future Portraits episodes and check in with yourself, find out why you’re doing what you do.

Big thanks goes out to LIFT, Jack Lawrence, Locker 27, all my boys who helped out on the rigging process, Liam for the Drone footage, and Amy for helping to fix my spine!

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Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and explorer of movement and mind. You can check his social media if you want but you'd be better off going and doing something, instead.
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