Next day soreness and thoughts on Specificity | The Cloudfoot Diaries #43

domsDelayed Onset Muscle Soreness, DOMS or Domåge Frais as it has been recently termed by myself, is that feeling you get the next day after training – when you sit down, it hurts. When you stand up, it hurts. Doing anything, hurts. That’s what you get when you haven’t trained for a while, at all, or you’ve tried a new method that has shocked your muscle into a sore mess.

I’ve been full of DOMS for the last couple of days since starting a new program designed to strengthen a particular weakness of mine. My thoughts have wandered, leading me to ask myself ‘How much carry over is there from what you train, to what you play?’.
I.e. If I practice Yoga, will I get better at lifting weights? Or if I lift weights, will I get better at gymnastics?

I don’t know what the scientific answers are but the more I train a certain skill, the more I’m realising that it is only that certain skill you’re really improving. Lifting weights will get you stronger and better at lifting weights, but it won’t necessarily make you a better motocross rider. If I had to guess, I’d say there’s a 20%-30% carry over from training to improving your chosen field. But if you wanna really improve at X, you have to spend time doing X, and even better if you can do supplementary exercises that will relate to and improve X.

And in relation to DOMS, don’t ever stop training. Ever. Because if you do, you will become weak and you’ll be forced to change your name to soreness, like me.

Harry Cloudfoot is a slackline instructor, freelance writer and stunt performer based in London, UK.
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Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and explorer of movement and mind. You can check his social media if you want but you'd be better off going and doing something, instead.
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