No Gi Reflections #10 | UFC on FOX 22 – How to submit someone who’s trying to kill you

I was SUPER impressed with the fights on the latest UFC on FOX 22 card this past weekend.

In the prelims, the Scottish beast that is Paul Craig, making his UFC debut against an undefeated Brazilian, Luis Henrique da Silva in their light heavyweight clash. Craig is a tank of human and tapped out Silva with a mint armbar that had me shouting at my screen all things No Gi!

Paul Craig


Not only did Craig tap out a dude who probably grew up on a diet of joint locks, he did it as an unknown UFC fighter, who holds down a job back in Scotland as a high school teacher. Doubt many pupils pluck up the courage to launch chairs at Mr. Braveheart!
Apparently, he earned $20,000 for his fight and victory – not a lot considering the headliner, Uriah Faber, took home $320,000 for his retirement battle against UK veteran, Brad Pickett (who only took home $40,000).
Paul’s armbar was fantastic because it literally came from nowhere. He pulled guard on Silva from standing, something I rarely see in MMA fights these days, then proceeded to throw his legs to the first stage of a triangle position as Silva was aiming for some Ground ‘n’ Pound.

Check it out;

Big things coming from Paul Craig over the next 12 months, I’m sure!

Next in line was Mickey Gall’s juggular shut-down of the UFC’s latest poster boy purchase, Sage Northcutt. I prefer Gall’s personality traits out of the two but can’t say that Northcutt hasn’t impressed me with some of his skills since turning up on the scene. His tricking skills are probably the best thing he possesses.
However, Gall did not fuck around and won his 4th fight in a row with a Rear Naked Choke. He’s a ‘legit’ brown belt, to quote Joe Rogan, hailing from New Jersey (they seem to produce a lot of these killers) and you can see it. His setup on Northcutt was pretty flawless. A sprawl into a backtake, one hook at a time. To a body triangle, before sinching in the forearm right under Northcutt’s cuboid chin. For some reason there’s something very satisfying about watching an underdog call out a poster boy, then beating him with savage jiu jitsu skills, all the while talking shit to him in the octagon.

A fantastic showcase for grappling victories all round!


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