Preparation for my first weightlifting competition | The Cloudfoot Diaries #46

Preparation is well under way this week for my first weightlifting competition. With just ten days notice, and thirteen weeks of lifting experience, I have been invited to enter the ‘London University Series 2‘ beginner weightlifting comp, held at no other than my local human performance lab, Locker 27.

Here’s how I’m training this week to ensure I lift the most amount of metal on the day …

Monday – the goal for this session is to reach 85% of my personal best lifts.

Snatch Personal Best – 63kg. ┬áThis session I lifted 57kg x 1, 60kg x 1, 61kg x 1.
The lifts felt awesome, I felt strong and the wobbles in the bottom position seemed to have disappeared.

Then it was on to the Clean and Jerk.

Clean and Jerk Personal Best – 90kg. This session I lifted 80kg x 1, 83kg x 1, 85kg x 1. Again, they all felt great, the bar really felt like it was flying up!

Finished the session working up to my 3RM for the Front Squat which currently sits at:
90kg for 3 reps.

Legs felt good, psyche felt good. This would be my last heavy session for the week.

Tuesday – the goal for this session was to get 10 working reps in for both lifts at an intensity of 60% of my Personal Bests.

Snatch – 60% = 5 sets of 2 reps @ 40kg
Clean and Jerk – 60% = 5 sets of 2 reps @ 54kg

Felt a little more tired today, partly I think due to digesting the largest breakfast I’ve had this year (12 sausages, 2 bacon, 5 eggs and half a punnet of mushrooms!)

Wednesday’s goal is to mobilise my wooden ankles and rest.

Thursday’s weightlifting class will feel like a glorified warm up, and Friday’s protocol will be very similar to Wednesday’s, mixed with a high fat intake and an early night.

Due to my limited amount of weightlifting experience, I probably won’t be lifting as much weight as the others. 13 weeks is a short amount of time to have under your belt. I’m therefore using this competition as an experience builder and an incentive to see if I can beat 63kg and 90kg on my snatch and clean and jerk lifts. Who knows what will happen, but either way I am psyched to be lifting with my friends and representing Locker 27!


Harry Cloudfoot is a slackline instructor and stunt performer based in London. He’s also the in-house juicing alchemist at Locker 27. You can follow him on Twitter, here.


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Harry Cloudfoot is a writer and explorer of movement and mind. You can check his social media if you want but you'd be better off going and doing something, instead.
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2 thoughts on “Preparation for my first weightlifting competition | The Cloudfoot Diaries #46

    • Hi Michael,
      Right now I’m following the instructions of my coach, mixed with knowledge from S and C coaches from my gym. However, I would recommend getting hold of Greg Everett’s book on weightlifting if you’re on the hunt for decent, no BS, weightlifting programming. Hope that helps,

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