REVIEW | Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee (As seen on The Tim Ferriss Show)

For the last 3 weeks, I have been skulling a bizarre concoction of coffee and shrooms. I heard about the magic potion on an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. I rarely listen to advertisement roll outs but my ears pricked up like an alchemist when I heard buzz words like ‘productivity’ ‘shrooms’ and ‘zero crash’.

A few days before Christmas and I open a present from a friend to find 10 sachets of ‘Good Day In A Cup’.

Would it live up to the hype?

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the shroom content in the coffee was not psychedelic. Rip open a sachet, mix with 200ml of boiling water, give it a good stir up and what you’ve got is a yeasty, almost Marmite-smelling brew. Not off-putting yet not immediately appetising, either.

The packaging recommended one brew per day, so I stuck to that. My constitution is a little on the dense side for certain chemicals, and although reasonably sensitive to caffeine, I didn’t feel any sort of nootropic, cerebral enhancing effect from the additional mushroom content. That’s not to say others won’t feel anything; Ferriss harped on how upon drinking he had one of the most productive days possible.

What was apparent, however, was that I had zero crash off of mushroom coffee. None. So smooth in fact that I didn’t even notice the lack of energy crashing, something I always seem to feel with regular coffee. It’s only now looking back at the last 10 cups that I’ve realised every day I’ve felt somewhat charged for the whole day, never feeling like I needed another brew.

Cheapest I’ve found a box of 10 sachets for is £10.28, which works out pretty cheap by the cup if you’re used to paying £2.00 + for a regular coffee. Even cheaper if you only drink one a day.

However, my biggest question since completing the test; Can I make my own mushroom coffee?
I’ve found where to buy the powdered Cordyceps and Chaga. Each cup, according to Four Sigmatic, should contain 350mg of Chaga and 150mg of Cordyceps. When you buy the powders, providing you can measure these amounts correctly, you can get a ton of servings per pack.
My idea is to blend the powdered amounts with a double espresso, then fill the rest of the cup with 150ml of hot water.
The other option was to buy a slightly higher-grade of instant coffee and dry blend the powders with the coffee granules, creating a ready-mix for convenience. The only issue is that instant coffee tends to taste like shit, right now I’m leaning towards the former option.

All in all, I like the Mushroom Coffee and had no experience of adrenal fatigue, as per usual coffee consumption. A pound a cup isn’t too bad compared to high street prices and I’m sure there’s room to boost the mushroom powder dosages to see if I experience stronger nootropic effects.

For the record, at the time of writing this I have no affiliation with Four Sigmatic.

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