SlackLondon 2014 is a MASSIVE SUCCESS


Amazing what can be achieved of 3 hours sleep. Turns out Clapham Common is quite the war zone at 2.30 in the morning. With 4 police cars, 6 coppers and some lacerated, drunk sapiens using my van as a landmark, it was far from the ideal resting conditions I had hoped for my night before SlackLondon 2014.

But it didn’t matter. From 8am I received a warm, friendly, slacker’s wake-up. “It’s HARRY CLOUDFOOT’S VAN,’ shouted Chill, the head rigger for the day. And with that, my puffy-eyed, slightly groggy face, stuck out of the side window to witness an array of volunteers had arrived, eager to help set up.

SlackLondon 2014 was officially the best year yet, and continues to grow beyond its inception in my small little head some 4 years ago. This year had trader stalls, mini-marquees, a suitcase sound system and even a beginners’ workshop area, dedicated to bringing the newest of slackliners up to par within minutes.

Next year promises to deliver beyond expectation, but before we get ahead of ourselves, a massive thanks to the following;

Chris “Jester” Mawson for managing the event and doing a cracking job, not to mention being called out to perform his real-world duties and run the ship with a man down.

Jake White for his t-shirt design, branding and internet input for the whole event.

Charles “Chillington” Chater for overseeing the rigging of sooooo many slacklines for you all to play on.

Ashley and Sarah Burleigh for providing the beginners area, courtesy of

The Maverick crew for providing the competition line and various prizes.

Jake, Casey and Fergie for keeping the show vibe going with amazing beats and stellar MC’ing.

And of course, to our sponsors, and all of you that came down to make SlackLondon what it was.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day, photos courtesy of Khoram Baig and Angela Jackson.

And finally, one last shout out to the hero of the day, Matthias, all the way from Holland, who ended up injuring his arm. This dude was the most chilled out about the situation, and was waiting patiently for the ambulance crew for over an hour.
Fortunately our very own Jester is a doctor when he’s not managing slackline events, and for the last 3 months pretty much all I’ve done is wave ambulances into music festival sites dealing with the drugged and newly crippled. The ideal crew members when something like this happens, which it does from time to time. This is why we get you to register and get insurance!

Some friends Matthias on the way to the hospital, and sent us back a photo of his arm x-ray. He was operated on Sunday night, and will live to slack again!




Stay tuned for the D2 video of the day, and see you in 2015!

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