2 key principles for training around an injury | The Cloudfoot Diaries #80

I’ve been injured numerous occassions with various grades of severity and as time goes on, I’m discovering more and more what are the useful mindsets to employ whilst recovering and what thoughts and practices should be discarded.
All too often, people let injuries snowball into excuses for stopping. Stopping their training, stopping their goal-hunting, stopping their positive attitudes etc. And I’ve realised that thinking this way is not useful because it’s the “I’m a victim of circumstance” attitude instead of “I am going to seize this opportunity!”.

It might not be obvious but if you’re injured and it’s not life threatening, you actually have a set of real opportunities you must capitalise on.

I’d like to share with you some of the useful mindsets and principles I have discovered. Perhaps they will assist you in overcoming whatever injuries you currently have.

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People are nicer to you when you’re injured | The Cloudfoot Diaries #79

11 days ago I landed badly on my right shoulder during a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. It was part accident, part poor technique and the result was a grade 2 seperation of my right AC joint; a predicted 8 week recovery time.

Every facet of my life was going quite swimmingly until the injury, and since slinging my right arm up and out of action, I’ve had to narrow down my focus to what is critical right now; Sleeping (the most important factor out of ‘Home Living’; eating, washing etc.), Earning Money and Training around the injury.


Althought the first night was so brutal that I didn’t sleep at all, since then I’ve been sleeping with my torso elevated to 45 degrees, lying on my left side only. I don’t adapt to new sleeping positions easily, unless I’m so exhausted that I have no other choice. This case was the latter, and it seems to be working. Thankfully a friend put me up for the week so I didn’t have to endure the pain of the first night that I spent in the van.

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Combining Gymnastics with Weightlifting – The Weekly Programme | The Cloudfoot Diaries #51

turtlesSo here it is; the ninja-athleticism blueprint experiment. A combo of gymnastics and weightlifting, for someone who wants to maintain a social life, part-time job and sanity.

Note: this is a self-experiment, aimed towards me, programmed towards achieving my own goals and open to many a changes. 

I have based this programming on the idea that I need to do weightlifting 3 times a week in order to: progress with the skill, increase my weights and not stagnate. And similarly with the gymnastic-related goals, at least twice a week is needed in order to make gains and not fall behind.

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Preparation for my first weightlifting competition | The Cloudfoot Diaries #46

Preparation is well under way this week for my first weightlifting competition. With just ten days notice, and thirteen weeks of lifting experience, I have been invited to enter the ‘London University Series 2‘ beginner weightlifting comp, held at no other than my local human performance lab, Locker 27.

Here’s how I’m training this week to ensure I lift the most amount of metal on the day …

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Building your Will Power with the Daily Delay | The Cloudfoot Diaries #41

Today I had a day spare, rescued from the recent timely demand of having a job. I thought since I hadn’t written anything in a long time, I’d share with you a random thought and perhaps a more practical idea. if nothing else.

I have been thinking today about the process of delayed gratification, and what undergoing that process does to stimulate and build your sense of will power.
With everything becoming more available and more instant than this instance itself, my intuition declares that taking the opposite path is needed. One of control, one of slowness. One of aware, delayed gratification.

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1 simple strategy for repairing your injuries … FLEX | The Cloudfoot Diaries #36

Over the past few weeks, chatting to the various strength and conditioning heads walking through the doors at Locker 27, the topic of injury inevitably rears its ugly head.
What to do with one, how to avoid getting one, specific ideas for repairing one etc have all been whirling through my head.

Through my own experience, I would like to share one strategy I have found to work extremely well when it comes to repairing injuries… muscle control, a.k.a. the FLEX.

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8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results

It’s official. 8 weeks of training with no weights, has come to an end.

I have only used my bodyweight to challenge my strength, following some very well thought-out progressions and programming from head coach Christopher Sommer, over at Gymnastic Bodies, (GB).

I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get you physically prepared for the 7 key positions found in gymnastics;

Front Lever

Straddle Planche

Hollow Back Press

Rope Climb


Single Leg Squat

Side Lever


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Build Stronger Slackline Legs with this Squat variation | The Cloudfoot Diaries #28

Here’s a really useful exercise I’ve been working on this week as part of the gymnastics program I’m following.
It’s called a ‘Twisting Squat’ and requires some balancing skills to pull it off.

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Look Strong. Feel Weak. Photoshoot @ Locker 27 | The Cloudfoot Diaries #26

Let me dispel a myth for you. ALL those dudes you see on the covers of magazines, giving it the one two with their abacus abdominals, veins popping out like Rambo on a milk-run, are WEAK AS SHIT at the time of their shoots. They look strong, though, right?

If they’ve been following the unwritten, photo shoot protocol correctly, they will be almost completely depleted of glycogen. That means you get cold sweats, have jelly legs and go through pain when pumping the muscles pre-capture time. But hey, you looked ripped as shit, so why does it matter? Well, it matters because 90% of the retards that purchase publications like Men’s Health actually believe they will look something like the cover model, eventually. Except the cover model is probably juiced to the rafters on steroids, and has been captured on camera in a state that is not maintainable, long term.

All those guys have to cut before a shoot, that’s just the way it is. It’s a fascinating process, and I recommend you try it out and see the crazy results for yourself, but don’t confuse the results with long term effects; they are merely results of short-term manipulation on the top of years of training.

The fitness models you see advertising the protein supplements are usually bodybuilders, and personally I don’t think it’s all that hard to build an amazing looking body. Not nearly as difficult as building a strong, functional, balanced body. My training focuses on the later, the aesthetics are just an awesome bonus. But the illusion of visuals means you can’t actually tell how jacked or strong someone is just by looking at their muscular development.

For those of you who followed my early diaries, you would have read about the brutalities of water loading for this shoot, such as bloating and constipation. I averaged between 5 and 7 litres of water consumption a day.
It takes its toll on the body and I found it much harder than say for example, eating as much as I could each meal for a bulking result.

What I found interesting about this shoot is that I could only perform movements and holds that I had completely dialled. Because I felt so weak, there was no room for trying anything new. I knew I had about 45 minutes in the tank before I was going to pass out from depletion exhaustion, so that meant sticking everything I knew I could stick, within 5 attempts. The hardest thing to nail out of all the photos was the Shaolin Squat on the slackline, picture 5 below. That took more than 5 goes, and if you think someone who is cutting weight is grumpy, try someone who has cut weight and then can’t achieve what they’re aiming for.

Big thanks to Jack Daly for taking all the photos, and to Locker 27 for accommodating the shoot.

The Psychology of Walking a Highline with a Swami Belt | The Cloudfoot Diaries #19

This video showcases footage from my first attempts at walking a highline in a swami belt – exchanging the comfort and safety of a regular climbing harness, for a mere sling tied around my waist.
We go into the psychology of the whole process, and touch on rad subjects like pre-send ritual, how to use eccentricity to your advantage and the details of falling at height.

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