Cloudfoot’s T.V. Commercial Debut | An Insight Into Backflips For Cash

In October 2014 I landed my first T.V. advert as a stunt-double for moustached Mr. Reed, the notorious lead character for jobs board megalith,
January 2015 saw the commercial go live, so now that I’m legally allowed to make some noise about the event, I thought I’d let you in on what it’s really like to backflip over people, in a suit, for cash…


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How I dislocated, then relocated, my finger | The Cloudfoot Diaries #24

We just rigged a 90m longline setup, beautiful it was, the weather even tapered its April showeriness to our advantage, and still something had to go wrong.

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Find your flow…Transfer it where you wish | The Cloudfoot Diaries #8

After a weekend of flow channeling from slackline, to breath work, to climbing high stuff, it was time to start the week off with a bang.

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Video | Slackline Backflip finally landed @ Locker 27!!

The Autumnal months have been productive on the flipping front! Since starting my internship at the super hardcore strength and conditioning gym, Locker 27, I’ve had some indoor space and time to practice the ever illusive slackline backflip.


I’m currently creating a tutorial on how to do this explosive precision movement; what has long been considered the holy grail of slackline tricks, as there is currently no decent information on the net, whatsoever!
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