Slackline Strategies to Improve your Focus | The Cloudfoot Diaries #12

Number 4 on my #ReasonsToSlackline :


Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can use the slackline with awareness to improve your focus power. If you’ve never tried what I’m about to suggest, whatever your slacklining ability, give them a go – they will only benefit your balance practice!

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Self-Experiment | Does Slacklining really improve your Snowboarding?

I want to address one question I get asked, a hypothesis I set out to the French mountains with recently:

Does Slacklining really help with Snowboarding?

I was a complete snowboarding beginner, and with an interest in learning skills super-fast, I wanted to see if my slacklining balance really was transferable to the snow.

Here’s what happened…

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Take your shoes OFF: Natural Movement Seminar @ Balance, London

Moving to a city as large as London can be a daunting experience…until synchronicity comes in to play…

Stumbling across Balance Physio’s (appropriately named) tweets, I spotted a free lecture was being held all about barefoot running and natural movement. Perfect! I signed myself up, not really knowing what I was doing but trusting my gut…

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