When life gets in the way | The Cloudfoot Diaries #54

Day three of training and already life has gotten in the way. I could lie and tell you I crushed the schedule. The reality was I felt weak as piss, sore as hell and had a whole sandwich of life issues to get in the way of focusing on getting the job done.

I’m a firm believer of the power of our three centres; physical, emotional and spiritual. I can attest from my own experience that if any of the three centres are significantly out of whack, your training is going to highlight it. For me, Day 3 saw all three areas significantly tarnished due to life’s ups and downs and I found it very difficult to do even the most basic of drills.


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Parallette Progress : Headstand to Handstand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #31

With a healing, yet still rather obese finger, one must get creative within the realms of hand balancing. I still can’t quite flatten my hand to perform handstands on the floor. Instead, the method of using a handle like the parallette is far kinder towards my alignment.

Today, inspired by attempt videos from Miss MindMuscleYoga herself, I thought I’d play around and explore the movements that take place when transitioning from headstand to handstand, and how much the legs are involved. Try it, it’s great fun when you stick it!

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Yoga + Progress = Yogress | The Cloudfoot Diaries #18

I recently discovered a hack for pressing into the handstand position from the Crow – push the knees right up the triceps, almost in the armpits. This has the effect of raising the hips high enough so the leverage needed to press is less. However, completing the Crow with straight arms plus keeping the knees so high, is something my wrists need to become accustomed to. Lots of mobility needed!

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Handstand Training for the weak-wristed | The Cloudfoot Diaries #16

Handstand practice continues. Discovered something for those of you whose wrists don’t bend quite as far as you want them to right now, yet you still want to train hand balancing.
The trick is to allow your fingers to hang off the edge of something, rather than balancing on the floor try using a wide piece of wood, or in this case, a plyo-box.

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Finding the balance point … in the palm of your hand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #4

The beauty of this new program that I’ve started – a gymnastic-based, bodyweight system – is that you have way less muscle-soreness (DOMS) in the days following the workouts.
That means Wednesdays, rest days, can be used for skill training. In this case, Handstands, with one of the coaches at Locker 27, Ben Lee.
Check this short clip out of our session :

We warmed up with some wrist mobility for about 5-10 minutes – vital to prep the wrist joint when getting into hand balancing territory. Then some shoulder dislocations to warm the shoulder joints.

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