Mega Easter Rig | The Cloudfoot Diaries #20

This Easter weekend was the perfect opportunity to get out in to the forest and send the biggest tree line we could find: 40m long and over 16m high.

The rig took over 8 hours, and was an absolute ordeal, according to Tankard. It was his second, and last, solo rigging effort. Fortunately, I was able to casually turn up after teaching a slackline lesson in the morning, put my harness on and have a play.

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The Psychology of Walking a Highline with a Swami Belt | The Cloudfoot Diaries #19

This video showcases footage from my first attempts at walking a highline in a swami belt – exchanging the comfort and safety of a regular climbing harness, for a mere sling tied around my waist.
We go into the psychology of the whole process, and touch on rad subjects like pre-send ritual, how to use eccentricity to your advantage and the details of falling at height.

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Surfing Tree Canopies | The Cloudfoot Diaries #11

Friday afternoon was a race against the desk-junkies of the south. Beating the homeward traffic gush of released employees, we booked off our half days and headed in to the woodland, to rig a juicy slackline suspended in the trees and apparently on a private estate….



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How to climb a rope…with rope | The Cloudfoot Diaries #10

So, down at Locker 27, I had the pleasure the try and climb some rope, using nothing but rope. Usually, for rigging and access purposes, I would use equipment such as a Gri-Gri, foot loop, hand-ascender etc…. but fortunately, Matt was on hand to show me the good ol’ tree surgeons’ way. Check it out

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Self-Experiment | LEARNING HOW TO CLIMB | FINAL PART | How to seriously push your grade: Beginner to Advanced in 16 weeks

My self-experiment was to learn how to rock climb, in 16 weeks. I set myself the challenge of reaching a V6 bouldering, and/or a 7a sport grade.
I was what you would term a royal newbie. My background of slacklining, weight-lifting and MMA would prove to be advantageous, however, as I undertook a completely new and different physical challenge.


By the end of the 16 weeks, I had reached bouldering grade V5, and even sent my 7a sport climb, after weeks and weeks of attempts.

I achieved it all by hacking the learning process, discarding the useless info, people and attitudes, and embracing relentless change in the name of achievement. Not to mention suffering an injury and healing it in record time.

This post should help explain how I achieved my climbing goals, briefly cover how I got injured and what I did to rehabilitate, and offer you some resources and tips so that you too, can push your climbing grade, whether you’re a noob or a veteran.
I’ve tried to include the 20% of vital knowledge I gained over the 16 weeks that contributed to 80% of my results, to save you wading through…

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