Cloudfoot’s foot on BBC 1 | The Cloudfoot Diaries #42

This will make you laugh.
Earlier this week I received a call from a BBC 1 producer regarding slacklining.
These calls come in every so often, usually; you’re lying in bed with company or driving at high speeds, or even parking yourself on the toilet. Due to the distractive nature of your task whilst taking the call, miscommunication is a given.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 09.56.02

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Birthday in the Sky : White Spider Climbing Centre | The Cloudfoot Diaries #40

The Cloudfoot antics continue, from wearing a microphone walking over a crowd with cold sweats and man flu, to being the master of ceremonies for the SEND indoor bouldering competition at White Spider Climbing Centre’s 2nd Birthday Party.

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Mega Easter Rig | The Cloudfoot Diaries #20

This Easter weekend was the perfect opportunity to get out in to the forest and send the biggest tree line we could find: 40m long and over 16m high.

The rig took over 8 hours, and was an absolute ordeal, according to Tankard. It was his second, and last, solo rigging effort. Fortunately, I was able to casually turn up after teaching a slackline lesson in the morning, put my harness on and have a play.

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The Psychology of Walking a Highline with a Swami Belt | The Cloudfoot Diaries #19

This video showcases footage from my first attempts at walking a highline in a swami belt – exchanging the comfort and safety of a regular climbing harness, for a mere sling tied around my waist.
We go into the psychology of the whole process, and touch on rad subjects like pre-send ritual, how to use eccentricity to your advantage and the details of falling at height.

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Highline under Full Moon | The Cloudfoot Diaries #17

This weekend was spent deep in a pocket of woodland so remote, the closest beings around were galloping beasts, the pine-lined paths of the forest lit only by the full moon.
This Sunday Funday saw a rig and send of another fat treeline, sitting way larger than our efforts last weekend.
Here’s a little video showcasing our escapades, including; tying the leash to my ankle, testing the rig with whippers and crushing balls in harnesses whilst hanging upside down…

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How to Cultivate Patience using Balance | The Cloudfoot Diaries #9

Throughout the last vigorous 6 months at Locker 27, one thing I continue to notice is people’s training frustrations. They come in all shapes and sizes; some of it is due to boredom – changing their program ideas 3 times a week, some of it is due to consistency – not making the time or not knowing how to find it, but most of all, I believe it is due to patience, or lack thereof!

jerrypatience copy


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Rigging a Highline Safely : When it all goes wrong

Sometimes, to get through the dark months of winter, one needs a dream; a goal or ideal to look towards, to create, to channel one’s energy into.
My most recent project was a culmination of over six months’ worth of creative input, serving as a form of sanity prevention, and yet I still failed my mission. Twice.

The beginnings of what never came to be

The beginnings of what never came to be

This post covers exactly what it was like to have my project shut down. Read on to discover how my team and I avoided death from falling….

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EVENTS | Urban Highlining @ The Castle Climbing Centre Garden Party

The Castle Climbing Centre’s chief rigger messaged me asking if I wanted to jam on their super-aesthetic highline for the annual Garden Party. I was so stoked I temporarily forgot how to type a response! The garden party exhibited the new, outdoor feature boulders in the Castle’s garden, a site dating right back to the crazy, gothic architectural times of the mental Victorians. castlebanner1Here’s how the day went, including my highline ritual exposed, my first dyno comp and a collection of awesome photos.
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ARTICLE | Walking Highlines vs Slacklining in the Park… What’s the difference?

Harry has just written a new article for the SportPursuit blog, entitled “A Walk in the Park…Or Not?”, looking at some of the different physical and psychological challenges of walking a highline vs walking a slackline low to the ground, in the park.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 14.49.33

You can read the entire article by clicking here, or on the photo above.


This hat became a source of slackline notoriety recently. Allow me to explain.
3 am, pitch black and all I can smell is gas. Myself and fellow members of Team Land Pirates were rigging a rogue highline; 50m of webbing strung across a disused gas-tank crater. It was so cold, the frigid atmosphere created mists from our exhalations. But at least my head was toasty. 3rd person cameras would have shown heat vapours seeping from the Retro Pom, my latest headwear item from the lovelies over at Marmot. What better location to test its warmth-factor than on a rogue night rigging mission in the middle of autumn?

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