2 key principles for training around an injury | The Cloudfoot Diaries #80

I’ve been injured numerous occassions with various grades of severity and as time goes on, I’m discovering more and more what are the useful mindsets to employ whilst recovering and what thoughts and practices should be discarded.
All too often, people let injuries snowball into excuses for stopping. Stopping their training, stopping their goal-hunting, stopping their positive attitudes etc. And I’ve realised that thinking this way is not useful because it’s the “I’m a victim of circumstance” attitude instead of “I am going to seize this opportunity!”.

It might not be obvious but if you’re injured and it’s not life threatening, you actually have a set of real opportunities you must capitalise on.

I’d like to share with you some of the useful mindsets and principles I have discovered. Perhaps they will assist you in overcoming whatever injuries you currently have.

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Train like a Ninja, Eat like a Bodybuilder | The Cloudfoot Diaries #33

Today’s diary entry was inspired by a title of a video (posted below) called ‘Train Like a Linebacker, Eat like a Bodybuilder’. Except here in the UK, we don’t really have American Football culture, or give a shit about it.

The term Linebacker, however, refers to a position on the football field which requires speed, endurance, strength, agility, power, mobility and hostility. All attributes of the aspiring ninja, and factors that should be present in your own training programme if you want to get the most out of your body and mind.

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