Slackline Strategies to Improve your Focus | The Cloudfoot Diaries #12

Number 4 on my #ReasonsToSlackline :


Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can use the slackline with awareness to improve your focus power. If you’ve never tried what I’m about to suggest, whatever your slacklining ability, give them a go – they will only benefit your balance practice!

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Longline. Crane Climb. Police Time | The Cloudfoot Diaries #7

Down by the riverside ..

An adventurous weekend in world of Cloudfoot these last two days.. from walking longlines in my underpants, to an impromptu crane climb at 3 am…
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What does it take to get really good at slacklining? | Watch this

A beautiful, sunny day in March, and I was lucky enough to rig a 100m slackline with one of my balance workshop apprentices, Alex. Now he’s crushing it!