SlackLondon 2014 is a MASSIVE SUCCESS


Amazing what can be achieved of 3 hours sleep. Turns out Clapham Common is quite the war zone at 2.30 in the morning. With 4 police cars, 6 coppers and some lacerated, drunk sapiens using my van as a landmark, it was far from the ideal resting conditions I had hoped for my night before SlackLondon 2014.

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How I beat Back Pain with Pilates: Week 12


No class for me today, as four days ago I endured a rather ugly sprain to my right LCL in my knee. I was wheelchair-bound and on crutches for the first day, just crutches on the second, hobbling on the third and now today, I’m walking around slowly with less of a limp.

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I remember how fun it was to take part in all the games when I was a Beaver, and later on a Cub. Needless to say all the up and coming slacklining stars of the future were just as excited to find two slacklines to play on, for the 8th Holborn Scout Group Community Day!

Practicing on the ground! One of the stars of the day

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How to spend a Sunday with Ben Skelton | Maverick Team Rider

Latest video from friend and fellow Maverick Team Rider, Ben Skelton.
One thing I love is how consistent Ben’s style is on the line.
Just how many bounces is that on the third combo!?


SlackClapham Club Launch Day

SlackClapham Panoramic

Wow! What an awesome weekend for slacklining in London – Saturday 14th April was the official launch day for SlackClapham; a free slacklining club held weekly on Clapham Common. I’ve only been living in London for 4 weeks, but with a passion to provide a balance outlet for the local community and some help from slackers the world over, I have managed to get one club up and running quickly.

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Slacklining can save children’s relationship with the Outdoors

With the Natural Trust publishing an article entitled “Save children’s relationship with the Outdoors” recently, I immediately thought of one activity that can catalyze the process….

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“It’s like walking on marshmellows!” – UK Spaceliners Video

Triple Trouble Send!

Earlier in March, some friends of mine got together at our secret highlining training spot and rigged what is called a ‘spaceline’ – the anchors are floating! If you don’t have a clue what I’m on about, think of it as walking on marshmellows, and check the vid below!
Nice one Jake from Maverick Slacklines and to James for making it over from Switzerland!

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Boy Scouts of America approve Slacklining

“The BSA’s (Boy Scouts of America) Health and Safety team officially OK’d the extreme sport this week for all Scout units, districts, and councils.”

Link for the full article is at the end of the post.

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