Train like a Ninja, Eat like a Bodybuilder | The Cloudfoot Diaries #33

Today’s diary entry was inspired by a title of a video (posted below) called ‘Train Like a Linebacker, Eat like a Bodybuilder’. Except here in the UK, we don’t really have American Football culture, or give a shit about it.

The term Linebacker, however, refers to a position on the football field which requires speed, endurance, strength, agility, power, mobility and hostility. All attributes of the aspiring ninja, and factors that should be present in your own training programme if you want to get the most out of your body and mind.

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I have been wearing Marmot’s latest ninja softshell for about three weeks non-stop now. I’ve taken it to granite-carved waterfalls, hiked into abandoned quarries and even waltzed into yoga studios, every time looking, and feeling like I’ve just killed Bill. Putting the Alpinist Hybrid through its paces, here’s the lowdown on just how much I dig this insulated jacket…

Alpinist Hybrid Jacket in action at Goredale Scar Highline, UK

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This old dude is RAD. His approach to balance and play is right on.
“Be BOLD with your life choices! It makes life so much richer.”
He takes the mad scientist approach to staying in shape; you’re never too old to shred. Check the video link below and it will all make sense!

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