SlackLondon 2014 is a MASSIVE SUCCESS


Amazing what can be achieved of 3 hours sleep. Turns out Clapham Common is quite the war zone at 2.30 in the morning. With 4 police cars, 6 coppers and some lacerated, drunk sapiens using my van as a landmark, it was far from the ideal resting conditions I had hoped for my night before SlackLondon 2014.

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Mega Easter Rig | The Cloudfoot Diaries #20

This Easter weekend was the perfect opportunity to get out in to the forest and send the biggest tree line we could find: 40m long and over 16m high.

The rig took over 8 hours, and was an absolute ordeal, according to Tankard. It was his second, and last, solo rigging effort. Fortunately, I was able to casually turn up after teaching a slackline lesson in the morning, put my harness on and have a play.

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Friends of mine Dean and Nadeem have been in the positive media spotlight for their highlining skills! Well done guys! This is actually one of the best representations of highlining that the media have done thus far – so extra well done to D and N for not letting them twist your words or get their facts wrong!
My favourite quote has got to be Dean’s “It’s an ‘ed game” !

Click this photo to watch the video on Vimeo directly

Check it out by clicking on the photo above to watch the video on Vimeo’s page.
You can’t embed the video for some reason…
Or you can watch it on ITV’s page here, too.

Epic Photo of the Week

The Epic Photo of the Week goes to this nuts shot, sent to me by friend and highlining mentor, James Clulow.
“The photo was taken over Easter Weekend at the Gorges du Verdon. Julien and Tancrède (Flight of the Frenchies) were there to rig and open a new BASEline in the Verdon.”

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When slacklines go *SNAP*!

After spending a good three hours threading one slackline inside another, the natural tendency is to want to rig that line with as much tension as it can take!
Threaded tubular is fast becoming one of the juiciest lines to slack on, and with one of my friend’s homemade batch ready to go, we took it out to the park and began setting it up.

UK Collective Park Session

The inner line, 11/16 (‘ths of an inch) was in good condition, in a sexy turquoise colour. The outer line, 1 inch climbing spec tubular, however, was a couple of years old. Attaching the line to our 5:1 pulley system, 2 friends of mine began rigging over a 13-14m distance. Just as the tension was becoming too hard for 2 guys to pull (with one multiplier) I heard what sounded like static electricity – crackling noises coming from the line. Immediately my instinct was that it was due to a line fault, and I shouted over “Watch out! The line is going to snap!”. Lo and behold a second or two later, and BANG! The red tubular had snapped, leaving only the turquoise inner line behind.

Red line snapper!

It was very fortunate that no one was injured, and that only one of the lines broke.
The lesson here is to always check your webbing for knicks / snags / general wear’n’tear!

We obviously hadn’t checked it well enough, and just assumed webbing that had been slacked on for two years with no problems, was a good choice to use for a threaded tubular experiment. Wrong!
It was pretty crazy – the friction from the snappage had melted the red tubular to the turquoise stuff! Good job that was all.

Just wanted to share that little episode with you, especially if you’re thinking of making your own threaded tubular slackline at home.

Rig safe slackers!


“It’s like walking on marshmellows!” – UK Spaceliners Video

Triple Trouble Send!

Earlier in March, some friends of mine got together at our secret highlining training spot and rigged what is called a ‘spaceline’ – the anchors are floating! If you don’t have a clue what I’m on about, think of it as walking on marshmellows, and check the vid below!
Nice one Jake from Maverick Slacklines and to James for making it over from Switzerland!

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Epic Slacklining Photo of the Week

Well, he’s done it again. Mr.Slackline, aka “Sketchy” Andy Lewis up on Lost Arrow Spire, with Jeremy Louis, Yosemite National Park, USA.

Just think for a minute how intense the exposure must be in the middle of that line. Incredible.

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“What is a Free Man?” | Video from Seb Montaz

Hi there, I was checking some footage on my hard drive and found some exclusive footage of Julien talking about his view of Freedom. hope you like it!” – Seb Montaz

Bernard's incredible Free Solo, Norway

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Highlining in the L.A. Times

David Kingston Highlining in Joshua Tree, California

The LA Times has published a story on highlining…

JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK — On a bright Saturday morning, Nathan Huerta is struggling to keep his balance as he walks slowly across an inch-wide length of nylon line suspended some 200 feet above a heap of granite boulders in a rugged patch of desert terrain known as the “Hall of Horrors.

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