What is a Drill? And how can I make my own?| The Cloudfoot Diaries #15

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training continues through this week, remaining as my cardio method of choice. This morning we trained the first technique from this video, first in a drill scenario, then during ‘live’ conditions, where I tried it and it really worked!

It’s important to isolate a skill from its context when you are trying to learn it thoroughly.
“A drill, we agreed, is practicing a skill you’ve learned in a setting that replicates a particular section of the game.”
This quote comes from an interesting article I read this week entitled ‘How We Build Drills‘ taken from Daniel Coyle’s (Author of The Talent Code) twitter feed.

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Try this as a Metabolic Finisher after your workout | No-Gi Grappling

My training continues over at Locker 27.
Recently, as part of my finishers, (conditioning exercises used after a strength workout) I have been including some Grappling into the mix. You may not know that I used to train in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a while back, for about 3 years.

The video below shows clips from 1 x 10 minute round, working a mixture of positions, transitions and submissions. If you’re new to it, start with 1 x 5 min round.

Cardio, in the regular sense of the word, bores the hell out of me. This, however, is not only exciting, but will get your lungs working for every last piece of oxygen.

Time to get Caveman!