Raising Heat From Within, Mobility Rests and 10 Reasons to Slackline | The Cloudfoot Diaries #5

And the cycle continues…

90% of my training programs, until now, have used rest periods of anywhere between 60-180 seconds, or more. These rest periods partner with programs that primarily favour building strength and muscle.
It is only now that I have changed my resting style: doing mobility exercises as a form of active rest, before returning to do a work set. And the difference in feeling is prominent.
The first thing I notice is the pump. It’s ridiculous. Come 3rd or 4th set, the muscles are really full of blood. For me, it’s my forearms that balloon. The second is the burn, and how that affects my mental state.

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Finding the balance point … in the palm of your hand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #4

The beauty of this new program that I’ve started – a gymnastic-based, bodyweight system – is that you have way less muscle-soreness (DOMS) in the days following the workouts.
That means Wednesdays, rest days, can be used for skill training. In this case, Handstands, with one of the coaches at Locker 27, Ben Lee.
Check this short clip out of our session :

We warmed up with some wrist mobility for about 5-10 minutes – vital to prep the wrist joint when getting into hand balancing territory. Then some shoulder dislocations to warm the shoulder joints.

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