September Slackline Workshops @ Boulder Brighton

septemberslacklineBBIt’s been a super busy summer – catch me at the tail end of our seasonal fun in the sun, this weekend at Boulder Brighton Climbing Centre’s Climbing Festival teaching 30 minute slacklining workshops, all abilities welcome!



Combining Weightlifting with Gymnastics; Weeks 5-12 | The Cloudfoot Diaries #62

fitnessweightsThe second block of combining weightlifting with gymnastics is in full effect. Some changes had to be made; the tendons were getting spicy from too much work and the neural fatigue was setting in. Time for a reconfiguration. And if you’re wondering what the above picture has to do with any of this? It doesn’t.

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Praise Shiva, it’s DeLoad week | The Cloudfoot Diaries #60

After burying myself at the end of week 3 with a good old dose of overreaching, I couldn’t have felt more relieved to begin seven days of deloading nirvana.


Now’s the time to start the recovery process….

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Week 3 of 12 – Everything Hurts | The Cloudfoot Diaries #59

Only 3 weeks in and I’m now in a lot of pain. My joints are aching. My tendons nagging. And my energy levels nowhere to be seen.


Hints towards the flavour of overreaching are present. My appetite has decreased significantly and I’ve resorted to behaviour matching that of an insomniac when in bed. To be honest, it’s been a rough week. Time to reassess the programme some more. Training used to be fun!

A quick rundown of week 3;

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New Video for LIFT PERFORMANCE APPAREL Portraits feat. Harry Cloudfoot | Episode 1

At least 3 months of hard work, multiple site visits across the UK, and dropping a lot of verbiage in an intimate, #vanlife interview, led to this inspirational piece of footage.
Episode 1 of LIFT’s ‘Portraits’ series takes an in-depth look into why LIFT’s athletes do what they do. You can check the episode below.
Read on and find out more about how we created the video and why I’m so stoked with my involvement with LIFT.

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Building your Will Power with the Daily Delay | The Cloudfoot Diaries #41

Today I had a day spare, rescued from the recent timely demand of having a job. I thought since I hadn’t written anything in a long time, I’d share with you a random thought and perhaps a more practical idea. if nothing else.

I have been thinking today about the process of delayed gratification, and what undergoing that process does to stimulate and build your sense of will power.
With everything becoming more available and more instant than this instance itself, my intuition declares that taking the opposite path is needed. One of control, one of slowness. One of aware, delayed gratification.

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Parallette Progress : Headstand to Handstand | The Cloudfoot Diaries #31

With a healing, yet still rather obese finger, one must get creative within the realms of hand balancing. I still can’t quite flatten my hand to perform handstands on the floor. Instead, the method of using a handle like the parallette is far kinder towards my alignment.

Today, inspired by attempt videos from Miss MindMuscleYoga herself, I thought I’d play around and explore the movements that take place when transitioning from headstand to handstand, and how much the legs are involved. Try it, it’s great fun when you stick it!

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Yoga + Progress = Yogress | The Cloudfoot Diaries #18

I recently discovered a hack for pressing into the handstand position from the Crow – push the knees right up the triceps, almost in the armpits. This has the effect of raising the hips high enough so the leverage needed to press is less. However, completing the Crow with straight arms plus keeping the knees so high, is something my wrists need to become accustomed to. Lots of mobility needed!

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Handstand Training for the weak-wristed | The Cloudfoot Diaries #16

Handstand practice continues. Discovered something for those of you whose wrists don’t bend quite as far as you want them to right now, yet you still want to train hand balancing.
The trick is to allow your fingers to hang off the edge of something, rather than balancing on the floor try using a wide piece of wood, or in this case, a plyo-box.

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