Harry has literally taught hundreds of people to slackline over the last 5 years, all of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds. And he can teach you, too!

Slacklining is best experienced in nature; outside in the fresh air, between two trees. And that’s exactly what one of the locations, Clapham Common, London, has to offer. If the weather fails then there’s also Locker 27 Strength and Conditioning Gym, Surrey for a bit of shelter.

If you’ve never tried it before but want to give it a go, Harry can take you through the basic stages and fingers crossed, get you up and taking some steps unassisted before your time is up. Lessons start with a couple of fun warm up games and then move on to the line, starting with basic balancing and then moving into walking technique and beyond that, tricks!

The majority of people Harry’s taught have tried slacklining for the novelty factor. Around 25% get hooked, whether it’s due to the challenge, the sense of calm or the intrinsic element of measurable achievement.

Slacklining can be very addictive and is also one of the fastest ways Harry has experienced to enter a meditative state. The line is really an instant feedback machine; too much inner tension and the line wobbles uncontrollably. Too little concentration and you fall off.

Harry provides all the equipment and your line will be setup before you arrive. All you need to bring to your lesson is something to drink, clothes you can move around in and an open mind!

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2 thoughts on “SLACKLINE LESSONS

  1. hey harry

    im a complete beginner, bar trying a slackline once about three years ago, which i managed to get some balance for a few metres on, and twice recently when i coudnt balance at all – i have just been diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament which i will prob need surgery for – im quite lucky, although i can run, jump etc, there are specific things i have problems with, like standing on one leg !!!! if i have not been doing my physio. I feel like the ligament shouldnt have such an impact on my balance and im curious to try a session with you in this condition to see what happens. do you have any slots in about a week ? i could prob come anywhere, am based in brixton

    • Hey Mala! Blimey – don’t know how your comment slipped past my inbox, but I only just got it! How is the ACL? Have you been doing your physio? Sorry for the late reply – if you’d still like a session and think your knee could take it (would ask your physio/doctor’s advice first) then we can book you in, no worries.

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