Harry coaches on a one-to-one basis at Locker 27 Strength and Conditioning Gym in Surrey, UK.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are focused around your personal goals, whatever they may be. Once the goal is defined, Harry structures the programming via the process of reverse engineering, in a way that is easy to understand and follow, so that clients can carry out their training without Harry having to be present all of the time.

Harry does not believe in the façade of ‘Personal Training’, i.e. hand-holding session after session. Instead, he is a proponent of coaching; going through as many sessions as it takes until he is happy that you can carry out the prescribed exercises on your own and in your own time. Harry’s philosophy is: if you’re not willing to give it a shot on your own, you’re never going to do it. He doesn’t believe in the necessity of having a PT to be by your side every step of the way to spoon-feed you, but instead takes the approach of teaching you how to fish.

Once you are competent and have made positive adaptations to the exercises, you’ll check in with Harry again, to be coached through your next block of programming, and so the cycle repeats until your goals are accomplished.

Harry uses a variety of methods, strategies and principles within his programming and has helped a plethora of clients achieve different goals. From freestanding handstands and getting the first muscle-up, to increasing strength-to-weight ratios and building useful muscle mass, every realistic goal is achievable with the right programming and consistent application of effort.

Unless it is a technical issue, it is rare that solely one session will be enough to accomplish your training goals. However, Harry does recommend starting with just one session to see if his style of coaching is favourable to you. From there, it’s more realistic to plan out future blocks of sessions that tailor to your desired achievements.

That first session will involve a process of assessment. If you don’t know where you are currently, you won’t have a good idea of where you need to go. Post-assessment, adjustments are made to make your goal more realistic and achievable and then the fun begins!

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