TwitFit, Calisthenics and Competence | The Cloudfoot Diaries #2

Weightlifting. I love it. I’ve been doing it for the last 16 weeks, using a personalised template created by Joe De Franco, trainer to NFL athletes, WWE wrestlers and all-round sick heads.  The results have been amazing. This good, in fact:

hmachine1However, the stimulus for growth needs to be changed. Weights have served their purpose thus far, now it’s time to turn to for their Foundation One program.

“Foundation?” I thought when I first heard it. I was happy to admit I didn’t need no simpleton, foundation workout plan. Until I heard the guy who created it say “My guys do shoulder dislocations with weight up to 45 lbs,” immediately shutting me up and forcing me to  examine the holes in my game.



I started the workout today, and it consisted of core contractions, scapular work, rowing movements and pressing movements. It was more difficult than I expected, for such ‘simple’ requirements, so indeed I have my work cut out. I’ll be de-loading every 4th week, and I’m confident the gains are going to come, both in strength and mobility. The program features a mobility component to each and every exercise you perform, and you use your rest time as mobilising time – something I have never done before. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. If you’re interested in this type of training – very little equipment coupled with astounding results – check out this pull up program I used to increase my reps.

Continuing with the gymnastic theme, a twitter companion of mine posted this video up last week.

So now I have come up with #twitfit  – you challenge someone you follow, or who follows you on twitter, to:

  • who can learn a physical movement or its progression, the fastest
  • see who can complete a single set with the highest max reps
  • who can hold a position for max time
  • or any other way you can compete against each other online

The only rule is that you must post video proof of you doing the exercise, post it to twitter and hashtag it with #twitfit. I have challenged Mr Physical Origami himself, Dan Clugston to learn the above Back Roll on the rings; first person to complete 1 repetition of the back roll, with no band for assistance. Excellent, considering neither of us can do it yet, this should be interesting!

Catch you tomorrow,

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6 thoughts on “TwitFit, Calisthenics and Competence | The Cloudfoot Diaries #2

  1. arms (especially forearms) are jacked. Tips? Did the size come from anything in particular? That pullup routine? Weights? Climbing?

    Wicked site

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment, glad you like the site!
      My forearms have always been tanked, mate. They were the first thing my Kung Fu instructor noticed when I turned up for class as a kid.
      Doing wrist and reverse wrist curls target them pretty good, I used to obsess over lots of volume of those exercises when I was a kid. Grip isometrics will boost their size, too, so in effect, yes, the Armstrong pull up routine will contribute, especially if you’re gripping a fat-assed bar!

      • You have no idea how utterly gutted I am that you didn’t build them up in that 6 week training thing (on the 2nd day now).

        Do you think doing the L-sit while doing the pull-ups helped target lower down your lats? I can usually do about 12 pull ups but managed a max of 5 with the L-Sit :s.

        One last thing. You constantly seem to be doing, and getting crazy improvements, in loads of different things. How much sleep do you get? Are you doing weight training while climbing and the gymnastic bodies routine? How the hell do you recover and not over train??

        Seriously good inspiration!!

        • Doing an L-sit Pull Up targets the lower rectus abdominus muscle the most, but yes, in effect you will be placing greater stress on the lats because the leverage of having your feet in front of you works to your disadvantage, hence why you experienced less reps trying it that way.

          I get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night, but when I’m training, I benefit from a few 9-10 hour sleeps a week, or a 30 minute nap during the day.

          No, I only perform one routine at a time, anywhere from 6 – 16 weeks at a time. If those routines allow, I continue my slacklining and gymnastic skills training as much as possible, but I’m very careful with my programming to ensure I don’t overtrain!
          Recovery, to me, is eating a LOT of good food, and sleeping properly. If either of those two is out of whack, it effects EVERYTHING. Doing some kind of active recovery stuff on days off helps, but not as much as good food and sleep.

          Train on!

          • 2 weeks done of the barstarrz programme and hit my first strict muscle up, bar, then rings which is fucking brilliant because I was never even able to do a kipping muscle up on either!!

            Going to do my best to spread this blog!

            You should do 4 months of Parkour next!
            Would suit you down to a T.

          • That’s excellent work Mike, well done! Keep on going with the programme, it will pay dividends. Thanks for the support.

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